The Code
The Code of Conduct are a set of rules established for the 5th Infantry Division to determine both, the level of conduct that is to be maintained on the game server, and to server as clan membership rules. This Code of Conduct are the rules that Administrators enforce. The 5thID Server is "team play" server, and is only interested in mature adult players who are willing to obey these rules. The rules may sound strict and harsh, and the admin's actions may be quick and harsh, but that's life! We are not kids, we are not old fogies either, we take pride in Day of Defeat and do it well, that's our idea of having fun.

Code of Conduct Outline

The following rules are ONLY a brief outline and description of the rules. Further details and explanations could be found in their respective sections on the Website.

  • All 5thID Clan Members must be active and willing participants. A mandatory minimum of 5 hours a week are to be played on the server. If we see 2 weeks in a row where this criteria is not met you will be terminated from the 5thID. If you are leaving for an extended period of time, more than 2 days, please post in the "On Leave" section of the Forums prior to your departure.

  • No mercenaries allowed, DoD is a team game, not "highest frags wins". This includes camping and stating you are "practicing" just with the intention of running up kills.

  • No time for 20 questions on the server. Any questions on the server should ONLY be about real-time game play. If you are unclear on what to do on a map, ask to follow someone as they play in order to learn. Any other questions are easily answered on the Website and/or could be asked and answered on the Forums.

  • A "good player" is someone who communicates effectively with teammates, like calling out enemy positions and organizing strategy. A self sufficient and quick thinker who is also responsible for their actions.

  • No immaturity is allowed. Whinning, complaining, cussing, racial slurs, derogatory slurs, bitching, put downs, Team Kills (TKs), wounding, and annoying useless noise and/or chatter will not be tolerated.

  • Double clanning is not preferred, simply because we can not imaging you having enough time!?! Dedication is belonging 110% to a clan - populating the server, posting in the forums, keeping up-to-date, and in touch with other members.

  • Admins may give a warning for an offense, but are not required to, especially when the offense requires quick action. Obey the Code of Conduct or else be punished. Admins do not have the time to explain everything, that's your job to understand and know.

  • If you wish to protest a punishment that has occurred with you, please post in the Forums. The 5thID is not required to provide demos and/or screen shots to enact a punishment. If the Code of Conduct has been violated, and/or if we have enough reason to enact a punishment, the appropriate punishment will be enforced. We exercise our right to choose who could play on our server. Non-clan members are guests to the 5thID server, if you do not want to play by our rules, leave.

  • By now you get the idea, we don't take any shit! There is only one way to play, that's with our Code of Conduct!

  • The Rules

    The Rules have been established as an outline for the Code of Conduct that is to be maintained on the server, as a member of the clan, and as a guest on the 5thID server. Below the rules are stated in detail.

    Team Killing(Tking): Tking in the respawn, or at anytime during play is not acceptable. TKs that occur in the spawn or up to 10 seconds after spawning will be slayed via the server automatically. We are aware that accidents happen but Tking without an apology will be considered an intentional TK. In addition, TKing then apologizing repeatedly, is an offense: for example people enact a TK upon a player for revenge, then apologize, thinking this saves them from a regular TK offense, this will not be the case. APOLOGIZE PROMPTLY AND SINCERELY TO AVOID BEING PUNISHED AND/OR BANNED!

    Wounding: Intentionally wounding a teammate for any reason will not be tolerated. This includes knifing, spading, shooting, and the "test if friendly fire is on" wounding. This is a kickable offense and can lead to banning if persistent.

    Spawn Camping: Is the act of camping out where the opposing team respawns. This includes the immediate areas beyond the drop point from the spawn. This is not banable offense, but is not a very honorable practice, and is considered an offense. It is also true that, as a valid military tactic to prevent reinforcements from arriving, spawn camping can occur for a reasonable time to ensure a teams capture of a flag that may be near the spawning area. However, there are some maps that are poorly designed and spawn camping can just spoil the game. In this case a senior admin will use his best judgment and if needed will slay the offending player in order to restore playability to the game. Cheap kills are cheap kills. Admins will slay you if you are just taking advantage of easy kills. Persistence will result in banning.

    Camping: Is the act of camping at one location anywhere in the map for excessive period of time. However, the role of Snipers and MGs, regardless of weapon choice, is permitted. But note, for example, if a sniper repeatedly returns to the same place after respawning, with the knowledge of the opposing team knowing the snipers location, this is considered camping. The only way for the sniper or mg role to be effective is to change locations once being known.  Camping is also permitted as a last ditch effort to protect the last flag. The time period between the last flag and the second flag being captured, camping is allowed. This last ditch effort is often called "digging in". Admins will slay you if needed to get your attention. Persistence will result in banning.

    Porn sprays: will not be tolerated. Full nudity or depiction of sexual acts is prohibited and the offending player will be banned.

    Offensive Language/Names: Offensive names will be asked to change if the server doesn't force it automatically. Racist/Sexist/Harassing statements, including cursing and/or foul language, either written or over the voice comm, will not be tolerated. In addition, names that are just symbols are prohibited and are to be changed immediately. This include but are not limited to: / , . : ' " < > ? ! + _ - | \ $ ^ * # @ ~ ` Symbol names are intentionally made to make admin duties difficult to enforce upon the user. We are not the moral police but we do have a responsibility to all our players to ensure a fun and harassment free environment to the best of our ability and judgment. Punishment for this behavior may include banning. For further details on the 5thID Clan Tag Format, please see Name/Tag on the website .

    Spamming: Spam either repetitive words and/or comments, and/or questions, and/or anything interpreted as an advertisement of any kind. This includes other clans and/or websites advertising and/or recruiting. This offense is punishable by immediate banning

    Evening the teams: The server runs an mod plugin that does everything it can to even the teams. Switching to or joining a team with more players is prevented, and when players leave and teams become uneven an alert is broadcast to even the teams. If no one evens the teams the lowest ranked player will be moved to balance the teams. Members of the clan will do all they can to even the teams but if there are non-clan members on the stacked team it may be necessary to slay the entire stacked team to get their attention. It is extremely frustrating to see the stacked team run all the flags while having the unfair advantage! You have been warned!

    Team Jumping and/or Team Winning: This is when a player, seconds, or up to a minute, before the opposing team is about to win, switches to the winning team so that the win is counted on his stats/score. This not only is immature behavior but is unsportsmanlike conduct. This offence will warrant a kick or ban depending on repeat offense and severity.

    Offensive/Immature Behavior: Offensive behavior can be any form of behavior one finds rude, inconsiderate, annoying, and/or insulting. This includes, but is not limited to, whining, complaining, bitching, pointing fingers, and/or witch trials which may be directed towards any person or persons. Immature behavior can be interpreted as any behavior that is in conflict with any of the rules stated in the Code of Conduct, either in repetition and/or severity. This offense can range in punishment from gagging, comm muting, slaying, kicking, and/or banning in severe cases.

    Double Clanning : Double clanning is being a member of more then one clan at the same time. Members of the 5thID are only allowed to be a member of one DOD Clan, that being the 5thID. If you are caught with another clan's tag, or on another clan's server with another clan's tag, you will be banned from all 5thID activities. Because we are active in league play, in the case we are to challenge the clan you are a member of, in addition to the 5thID, there will be a conflict of interest. To prevent this clan members are not allowed to be active in any other DoD clans. However, if you are a clan member in another online game, like Counter Strike, Call of Duty, MaxHeadRum, or Yoda's Revenge, double clanning is allowed. Being in more than one clan is not enforced and is not preferred. Simply because we can not imaging you having enough time!?! Dedication is belonging 110% to a clan - populating the server, maintaining your required playtime hours, posting in the forums, participating in clan activities, keeping up-to-date, and intouch with other clan members. Despite not being enforced and preferred, it is still considered an offense. If caught, you will be frowned upon! And in the case your required hours drop, you will be kicked from the clan without hesitation!

    Required Play Hours: All 5thID Clan Members must be active and willing participants. A mandatory minimum of 5 hours a week are to be played on the server. If we see 2 weeks in a row where this criteria is not met you will be terminated from the 5thID without warning. If you are leaving for an extended period of time, more than 2 days, please post in the "On Leave" section of the Forums prior to your departure.

    Membership Termination: 5thID clan membership maybe terminated at anytime. Either by the choice of the clan member, and/or clan members, and/or NoDoze. Termination, based on NoDoze's opinion, could be on "good" or "bad" terms. "Bad" terms are, but not limited to, disobeying the Code of Conduct, failure to report in for Roll Call, and undermining or disrupting clan activities and/or cohesiveness. "Good" terms are, but not limited to, by establishing via email, forum post, and/or instant message a leave of absence either for a determined or undetermined amount of time. "Good" or "Bad" terms are usually comprehendible by the "tone" of the departure. Once a termination has been established as a "good" or "bad" term the status may remain for an indefinite amount of time. In the case that you have left on "bad" terms, but wish to return months, even years later, to rejoin the clan... sorry, but you made the choice to leave on "bad" terms, and you have to live with that choice.


    Kill or Sudden Death: This will be used to get your attention and warn you that your behavior will not be tolerated. If the behavior continues a more severe punishment will follow.

    Admin_slay AKA Exploding Death: This will be used to get your attention and warn you that your behavior will not be tolerated. If the behavior continues a more severe punishment will follow.

    Kicking: Kicking someone 5 or 6 times is a waste of our time and pointless. If you have been kicked once and you persist in your behavior you will be banned.

    Gagging: Either Voice Communication and/or type can be gaged. This will be used when players are being rude, insulting the clan, being offensive to other players, making racist/sexist comments, and/or just making noise. If you choose to escalate your behavior (example: start TKing) then you may or may not receive another warning before further action is taken depending on the situation.

    Banning: Initial bans are for 30 minutes, repeating or severe cases will be banned for longer and/or permanent. Banned persons should check the server from time to time to see if the ban is still in effect. You may also visit the our forums to plead your case if you feel the ban was a mistake or in error. If a ban has been lifted and you wish to play on our server again you are welcome to, provided you can abide by the rules. Players that go on team killing sprees will be banned permanently. Players with suspicious names that may be associated with hacking or cheating will be banned. As with any offense, you may be banned without warning!

    Clan Banning: If 3 or more members of another clan have commited an offense, the entire clan will be banned, first by tag, then by person. Members of a clan are considered representatives of the clan they belong to, hence if a suffecient number of those members commit an offense, we hold that as a representation of the entire clan. Simply put, if you want to act like that, do that on your clan server, not ours! Just cause you are a member of another clan, doesn't mean anything to us, you are still a guest on our server. We have the right to refuse service to anyone! Again, as with any offense, you may be banned without warning!


    This is a FRIENDLY FIRE server: This means that shooting at your teammates will wound and or kill them. If you do not like Friendly Fire, then we advise you not to play here although in our opinion you're missing out on some of the more realistic aspects of the game.

    Fun Play: Low gravity, fun mode, admin_stack, knifing, spading, teleporting, clipping or other nonsense during regular hours is prohibited. So do not ask. The 5thID does provide time for these activities only at designated time on our clan calendar. If there are a few people on the server, then we can play with this. But during regular hours we desire to present the best image we can to the gaming public.

    Matches: ALL matches, scrimages, challenges, meetings, whatever you want to call it, MUST be approved by NoDoze. You will only hear rejections or objections prior to the challenge occuring. Otherwise, ALL challenges MUST be posted in the forums accordingly, that is either in the scrimages / matches, or in the leagues sections... If you do not hear anything thing from NoDoze, it is understood as approved.

    Public Admin: Use of the rockthevote or vote_kick functions has been restricted to admin. Arbitrarily changing maps interrupts the flow and can lead to our loosing good players that would otherwise help us better our playing and lead to a fun server to play on. Vote_kick abuse without just cause led to this option being taken away.

    Admin Format: Admin will try to use a private message and/or an announcement to gain the attention of the offending player. If no answer is resolved quickly the offending player will be kicked and/or be banned.

    Fun?: Have fun. This is a game, and we should be having fun. If you find yourself not having fun, take a break, and come back at it later.